MC + Studio Los Angeles 

We are excited to announce the opening of its new Los Angeles design gallery. Creating an atmosphere that represents the imagination of founders Mattia Biagi and Cardenio Petrucci, the space is an elegant fusion of past and present elements that seamlessly collide with an artistic point of view.

Informed by their profuse expertise, Biagi and Petrucci are fueled by the desire to forge their personal history into unique pieces that mirror their creative vision. Home to the studio’s several limited-edition collections, MC+ invites guests to experience the narrative behind each creation. 

Located in the space previously occupied by the original Spago on the iconic Sunset Strip, the building itself has a history of creativity and inspiration. As you enter the 1,600-square-foot gallery, you are greeted by the original bar from 1982, a time capsule representative of the many lives the building has lived. For the color palette, MC+ partnered with Alkemis, the world’s first paint brand rooted in wellness, to infuse the space with vibrant color.

The space features several pieces designed by MC+, including their Holy Table and Bench, Cake Sink, and Thomas Gray Sofa, as well as a bronze door at the entrance designed by Biagi. Rugs by Illulian Milano cover the floor, blended with a curated art collection and vintage Italian pieces highlight the duo’s design prowess. 

MC+ Design Studio

1114 Horn Ave.

West Hollywood, CA 90069

By Appointment only

Photos by Karine Simon